Oximeter and How It Works

We will discuss some basic concepts behind Beer-Lambert Law. Its application in the working principle in an oximeter. A... Read More

Understanding Cell’s Memory

In our body, skin cells, heart cells, and liver cells all have the same genome, but how can they... Read More

The Search for Life Outside of Earth

Since the dawn of humanity, we have wondered about our origins and if we are alone in the Universe.... Read More

How Does The Sun Affect the Earth?

The Sun can disturb Earth’s magnetic fields via the solar wind. When plasma from the Sun’s corona reaches Earth... Read More

COVID through a statistical lens

Statistics focuses on the question: “How can we learn from data?”. I will look at what we learned from... Read More

When Earth was a magma ocean

The Earth may have started out completely molten. How did it melt? What happened while it was molten? What... Read More

Electron-Ion Collider

This talk will introduce the US flagship collider – the electron-ion collider (EIC) to be built at Brookhaven National... Read More

Sea Level: Past, Present and Future

An introductory view of sea level change in the past, today and in the future.... Read More

Exploring and Controlling the Nanoscale World

Recent advances have opened up the nanoscale world for exploration. New tools have enabled us to probe the ultimate... Read More

Fun with Plastics

Where do plastics come from? Which can be recycled? Can packing peanuts be recycled? How long are polymer chains?... Read More