Paul Weiss

  • UC Presidential Chair Distinguished Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry; Distinguished Professor of Materials Science & Engineering
  • UCLA

Paul S. Weiss is a nanoscientist and holds a UC Presidential Chair and is a distinguished professor of chemistry, bioengineering, and materials science at UCLA. He studies the ultimate limits of miniaturization, developing new tools and methods for atomic-resolution and spectroscopic imaging and chemical patterning. He applies these advances in other areas including neuroscience, microbiome studies, quantum information, and high-throughput cellular therapies. He has won awards in science, engineering, teaching, publishing, and communications. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, AAAS, ACS, AIMBE, APS, AVS, Canadian Academy of Engineering, Chemical Research Society of India, and MRS. He is the founding and current editor-in-chief of ACS Nano.