Parking Info & Directions

Parking structure 2 is closest to EYU, and Parking Structure 8 is second closest, and Parking structure 9 is pre-pay or Bruin Permit only. The parking structures closest to the Mathematical Sciences building are Lots 8 and 9 (off of Westwood Blvd) and Lot 2 (off of Hilgard Ave). 

Motorcycle and scooter parking is free of charge in designated areas. There are areas north of Lot 9 (next to Ackerman Union) and west of Lot 2 (at the intersection of Westholme and Charles E. Young Drive.

Bicycle parking is available in the Court of Sciences, just south of the Mathematical Sciences Building breezeway. Bicycle lockers are available for rental in Lot 2.

Public Transportation

UCLA is accessible via several bus lines:

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